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In 2020, The United States was listed as the number one place where immigrants from other countries came to find a safe haven. Currently, the United States has 51 millions immigrants, and without immigration reform that number will continue to grow. As the Biden administration has stayed silent and has refused media access, concerns are growing by the day.

The Reasoning

Immigrants usually come to the U.S. to experience a new way of life. Whether it be religious freedom. Opportunity also is a factor of why immigrants are here in the U.S. whether it’s economic or social, our country’s education system also is very attractive to immigrants who chose make their home here. 


Even though the U.S. is the largest country in the world for immigration, many immigrants are still supportive of their country’s economy. Immigrant workers among us have sent 68.0 billions dollars to international destinations. Just this week, President Joe Biden announced to the immigrants to stay home in their own countries and not enter the U.S. Although during debates, Biden welcomed anyone and everyone thus causing a massive influx.

Crunching Numbers

In Rio Grande, Texas, there are currently 9,400 unaccompanied minors at a holding facility along with 4,700 more children arriving each day. That number continues to grow. When the immigrant children and youths arrive at the border, many of them are taken to a holding facility. Many of the holding facilities are keeping these immigrants more than the time will allow.

Wide Open Border Causing Covid-19 Concerns

The state of Texas is providing government funded rapid covid-19 tests for immigrants coming across the border into our country, so far, immigrants bringing covid-19 into the U.S has not been an issue.

wide open US border

In April, instead of sending immigrants to detention centers which is currently causing extreme overcrowding conditions, the immigrants will be sent to a hotel which will offer covid-19 testing, food, social work, and other forms of assistance to help the immigrants get to their destinations.

United We Stand

The main concern for U.S. citizens, is high paying American jobs being taken away from them and given to immigrants. Despite these circumstances, there are a vast majority of immigrants who desire to become U.S. citizens through the Pathway to Citizenship. Lawmakers are currently looking at a plan to help the 11 million undocumented immigrants become U.S. citizens. Both Republicans and Democrats want to see a more peaceful situation going on at the borders all across the U.S. Both parties agree that once some more immigration reform laws are put into place, the U.S. can then truly become the United States once again.

Written by: Gary Taylor

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