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As most school students recover from a hot summer by going back to school, another hot topic in the midst of our classrooms this fall is the new delta variant of the Covid-19. With the delta variant in most of the United States, many school districts are reenacting face mask orders, making them mandatory in schools.


With these face mask orders being put back into place, many parents are quite upset about their children having to re-mask. A lot of them claim that it is not good for their children mentally and it is psychologically damaging to their children. Some parents even claim that re-masking hinders the learning process.

The Heat Is On

Currently in Florida, at least four school districts are imposing mandatory mask orders despite Governor Ron Desantis’ executive orders allowing parents to ignore school mask mandates. Immediately after the governor’s executive order was announced, two school districts in the state of Florida reversed their plans requiring students to wear masks. The Florida Board Of Education is expected to meet soon to consider emergency rules for the upcoming school year.

Very Necessary

Most school systems across the United States already have re-masking orders in place, The U.S. department of health recommends that students in schools continue to re-mask, because, many of them due to their ages are not currently eligible for the vaccine. Also, with the delta variant strain of Covid-19, school children are the affected the most.

Higher Learning

With the mask mandate orders for schools put back into place, many of the colleges and universities are reinstating their mask orders as well, for all students and faculty members

Zoom In

With some parents being upset and disgraced over many school districts reinforcing mask mandate orders for schools across the United States, many parents are choosing to place their children in Virtual Online Schools. Many of these virtual schools have seen their enrollment doubled so far this school year, which in some of the United States, the schools have not yet opened back up yet from summer break.

Other Alternatives

Private school enrollment has also doubled due to concerned parents worrying about the re-masking of their students. For Many Parents it’s a mixed bag of mixed reactions. A Mix that all parents are hoping will be sorted out real soon as everyone does their part to once again Stop The Spread

Written by: Gary Taylor

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