Olive Tree & Lampstand Radio Ministry

To bring vision to God’s Lampstands: Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision [no revelation of God and His word], the people are unrestrained; But happy and blessed is he who keeps the law [of God].”

Brain Cleavage

Brain Cleavage is an hour of human AI: “Authentic Intelligence”.  The digital monster is constantly pursuing people through their computers with click bait, pop up ads, pressure to join social media platforms and turn on notifications, as well as the ubiquitous rewards program whereby you download an app so it can access your contacts, track your behavior and try to influence how you vote, shop, and think.  Brain Cleavage is for those who prefer human self-determination to corporate dominance via the manipulation of artificial intelligence.

Lea and the Lawman

Lea and the Lawman is a live radio program that addresses local current events and national news stories of interest. Lea and Sheriff Steve Reams bring their differing perspectives to each show topic for provocative and lively conversations. Listen daily 4-5pm MST on 1360AM KHNC serving Colorado and Wyoming. You’re always welcome to call in and join the debate if you dare!

Liberty Forum

Too many have given their lives for freedom and liberty to once again allow the tyranny of government by our own elected, appointed, and hired officials –to go unchallenged!!!

Front Range News Hour

Jason and Bryan take you through history and show you how the elite banking industry has been pulling a the strings behind the scenes orcistrating most all aspects of our everyday lives.

Patriot Radio News Hour

Joe Jaquint provides a unique perspective on current events and how it relates to gold and silver. This show will make you feel uncomfortable while making you think different.

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The Open Forum

The deep state, banking cartels, cover ups, conspiracy theories, UFO’s, secret societies – nothing is off limits and the truth will be uncovered. KHNC has gathered some of the countries top experts to pull back the curtains on a wide range of issues that will lead you to question everything you thought you knew.