President select Joe Biden has made huge claims of taking on big oil companies during the 2020 Presidential debate. Joe claimed that he wanted to transition from crude oil to clean renewable energy by 2050. Biden declared that federal subsidies should no longer be available to oil reserves and instead offered to clean renewable resource companies. The former Vice President claims that as a kid in Delaware he experienced firsthand the devastation that pollution causes to local cities.  

These statements were made clear his intentions if elected president. During the debate President Trump even asserted that those claims were too big and that oil workers would ultimately suffer from job loss. Joe Biden recently has been assembling his advisory cabinet for the transitioning of administration, which have taken a completely different turn than that of his accusations. Joe Biden’s close ties with oil companies foreshadowed the future of his decisions as commander in chief. Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, was made head of the Ukrainian oil project which has brought criticism for all parties. Joe has recently announced some of his choices for his advisory in the upcoming year. 

Environmentalists have become skeptical over Democratic Party leaders as they have also noticed that Biden’s choice in cabinet members have similar connections. Many of the candidates Biden has been evaluating all have connections to oil reserves and don’t seem to have the same environmental intentions as Joe have stated. Staff in the White House have stated that they feel “Betrayed”, as they honestly believed Joe had intentions of proceeding with the transition of renewable energy. This comes from not just the GOP side of the house but Democratic representatives as well. 

The idea of abolishing oil companies in the United States would only assist bad news Biden in selling his foreign oil as a source of income from future budget plans. Essentially giving him power of monopolizing oil refineries and controlling the market value and price of oil. Anyone with an understand of economics can see how this can easily evolve into an issue for Americans that not only have oil related jobs but also depend on oil for operation of their businesses. Companies such as J.B. Hunt and XPO Logistics would suffer cutbacks to accommodate for their slack on the profit margin. These companies would likely see employee layoffs and closure of regional offices. Workers would have to relocate to maintain employment of risk having to find employment elsewhere. 

The plans presented by bad news Biden seem to already be dropping the confidence from state leaders and business owners. A future president that has already began altering his goals and leaving voters stranded. The idea of another hard recession could easily become a reality if these situations are not addressed. President Trump has made statements about Democratic Corruption and still shows that he will back up the American people even after the relinquish of duty.

Author: Charlie Alvitre

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