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The Biden administration does its best to make sure, from the outside, everything seems fine and running smoothly. The truth is, Biden is failing as president. The administration’s attempt at falsifying normalcy isn’t working, as President Biden has recently taken a hit in public opinion polls. Millions of Americans have come to realize Biden is failing as president and they simply can’t trust this administration to give us the truth about important issues. According to Whitehouse correspondent Brian Karem the Biden administration is “very strange” and “controlling” he said in an article for CNBC. According to Karem “This administration clearly does not want us to observe or interact with the president in a regular and robust fashion.” What is the Biden administration hiding? Could the lack of openness and sharing the truth be a major reason the public believe Biden is failing as president? 

Do Americans Believe Biden is Failing as President?

In short, yes. Many Americans who voted for Biden based on only one or two of his policies are seeing the impacts in other areas where he had weaker policies. Illegal border crossings have reached their highest point in 21 years, which is why only 25% of Americans polled approve of President Biden’s handling of immigration. Only 39% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the economy because inflation is the highest it has been in decades. The majority of people seem to agree, Biden is failing as president. A USA Today and Suffolk University poll released on August 24, showed only 41% of Americans approving of his overall performance, compared to 55% saying they disapproved. Biden’s plummeting approval rating should not come as a shock, it has been trending down his entire presidency.

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Why Biden is Failing as President

Biden is Failing as president due to his actions in office. Biden has refused to address major issues, or actively made these problems worse. For example, Biden’s $3.5 trillion budget proposal for social programs and $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill, would make inflation skyrocket if passed. In addition to the threat of crushing inflation, Biden completely botched the US leaving Afghanistan. We have so many American citizens and allies stuck behind enemy lines in a brutal unforgiving country. Don’t forget the home and landowners in towns along the border have been begging the president to take action against the border crisis. Especially since their properties are being vandalized and their town doesn’t have the resources to care for the thousands of people illegally pouring in. 

Despite all of this, the Biden administration does everything it possibly can to keep up outward appearances. According to Karem, the administration will even go as far as to control what the president says and does around the media. “A wrangler told me they don’t want me near the president. I responded that he always answers my questions when I am — and was told that’s exactly why they don’t want me there.” Karem went on to say, “The staff is afraid of what some of us will ask him, and what his responses will be. One byproduct of this that’s invisible from the outside is that by making the press pool and a few others feel special by their proximity and access, the Biden administration has been far more successful in stifling free speech than Trump ever was with his bullying.” The American people can tell.

It is clear Biden is Failing as president. It is clear if we continue this way our country will be ran into the ground with inflation, debt, and foreign relations issues. What seems to be unclear is whether he is actually failing or his administration. Why is Biden not addressing the public’s concerns about important issues? Why won’t his administration allow him to address the public without strict guidelines? What is Biden and his administration hiding? Is our President actually running our country or are his advisors? 

Written by: Erinn Malloy

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