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Caylee Anthony was born in august of 2005 this year she should have been turning 16 this year. She should be out with her friends, getting her license, going to school dances. She would be doing sports or maybe she would be an artist. Caylee Anthony doesn’t get to do any of that because her life was cut short during the summer of 2008 when she was almost three years old. She never got a chance to live her life.

Caylee Anthony was loved by so many people who were involved in her life. Her grandparents would take her swimming often, she loved to play with her toys, she was your typical toddler. She lived with her mother and grandparents up until her death. The cause of death for Caylee Anthony is currently undetermined. Her skeletal remains were found December of 2008 and the famous Dr.G medical examiner was unable to determine a definite cause of death but she did rule the case a homicide. Who was responsible for ending the life of this beautiful little girl?

Casey Anthony’s Lies

Caylee Anthony Gone Missing

The only person who ever stood trial for the death of Caylee Anthony was her mother Casey Anthony. Every single piece of evidence pointed to her being involved in Caylee’s death. All this evidence is laid out in the podcast Momma Kirby’s Murder Mysteries. You can also find real 911 audios and links to videos of the full trial and interviews with Casey Anthony in the facebook group Momma Kirby’s Murder Mysteries – Fan Talk. 

Casey lied to investigators, her family and friends, and the world about what happened to Caylee and even about mundane day to day things. She would tell people Caylee was in multiple places when she wasn’t. There are even instances where she’s told someone Caylee was in one place then told someone else she was in another place at the same time. She claimed to have been an event planner at Orlando studios. This was a lie. She claimed she had a nanny named “zanny.” This person did not exist. She claimed someone had kidnapped Caylee and would not give her back. This was a lie. Casey Anthony would lie and tell bigger lies in order to cover them up. 

Casey Anthony’s Lies on Trial 

Caylee Anthony

During her trial, Casey’s lawyer told everyone in the courtroom that Caylee Anthony was not a victim of homicide but a victim of accidental drowning in her family’s swimming pool. While he cross examined witnesses he would often speak over them and ask them the same question multiple times in a row. The judge would often have to tell Casey’s lawyer to allow the witness to speak and finish speaking before asking a new question. The claim he made about Caylee passing in the swimming pool has zero physical evidence to support it. This move in court is what, I believe, led to Casey Anthony’s not guilty verdict despite all of the physical evidence against her. The verdict caused an audible gasp in the courtroom and in living rooms across the nation as we all watched the trial unfold live. If her mother wasn’t responsible for murdering Caylee then who could have been? No one else has ever been investigated… at least no one who actually existed. Does this mean Caylee will never have the justice she deserves? Make sure to listen to the hour long Caylee Anthony Podcast.

Written by: Erinn Malloy

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