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Through this pandemic we’ve witness all sorts of setbacks, from finances to government failures, now our educators are proving the same. Chicago teachers’ unions are refusing to return to the classroom as they believe their health is at risk. Students of all ages have suffered from this pandemic and many have not seen the end of the problem. Students are removed from classrooms at the rate of two weeks every time they encounter a COVID positive patient, many students experienced this policy multiple times out of the year. At an alarming rate, children are being held back due to the lack of knowledge in the respective course material. So, the question at hand is, do we continue to punish the children?

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) took a vote and with an unanimous decision decided that remote learning was in their best interest. This would of course not be in the children’s best interest as it removes one on one learning with individual students and neglects the children that require extra assistance in education. With a union population of over 30,000 teachers, most decided that they would prefer to stay behind a camera for their safety. Educators in Chicago have even taken it as far as illegally protesting in order to refrain from being in contact with children. 

On Tuesday January 26th educators held a meeting with the board (which they weren’t too afraid of safety to attend personally) and did not to come to an agreement. Many classes such as P.E., preforming arts, music, and other courses require in-person attendance for children to succeed in what they desire to do in school. Many teachers believe that they are in it to keep themselves safe but at what costs should one take before they hinder success of our future generation. 

Public schools house many children that are underprivileged and strive through education in order to have a productive future. Refusal of education is not what this country was built on, the progress of our nation has had many bumps in the road from segregation to poverty plagued cities that did not have local schools. These situations were tackled by motivated educators who fought for a greater community and the greater good of our children. Now the ones standing in the way are teachers themselves. CTU members need to put students first and have their best interest at hand, because that is what our nations instructors are taught to do.

Written by: Charlie Alvitre

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