Sovereigntarian.com is committed to the PEACEFUL restoration of the original intent united States Constitution and original Declaration of Independence as the Supreme Laws of the Land, and the teaching of individuals about their rightful status as Free and Individually Sovereign  Self-determining human beings, amongst other Sovereign Self-determining Human Beings, and that we all have certain Rights and Responsibilities between each other.  As well it is taught that We The Free and Sovereign Individuals are the Rightful Masters of Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the Men and Women who pervert and destroy the Constitution, and That We the Free and Sovereign People are the “CreatorsMasters and Owners”  of any and ALL legitimate government.  That “We Created this government” and rightfully “We OWN IT” and must be heard and respected by OUR government Public “SERVANTS” that we have hired to protect and defend our Freedoms and Liberties, and NOT Destroy, diminish, or infringe upon them, or any and all of our God-given Natural Birth Rights.