Kyle Rittenhouse Bullied

Radical Left-wing student activists at Arizona State University have taken to protesting Kyle Rittenhouse attending sharing space with them. If you don’t know, Rittenhouse ended up shooting three people and two ended up dying. This all occurred during what was essentially a Black Lives Matter protest. The shooting was deemed self defense and, despite the best effort of the prosecution, the court was unable to find evidence the shooting occurred with malicious intent. Rittenhouse had been signed up for classes online via ASU. This angered many left-wing students, who say they refuse to allow it. Protests against allowing Rittenhouse to attend ASU have broken out, sparking counter-protests from conservative students. Our biggest question: why is Kyle Rittenhouse an issue at ASU for left-wing students, but violent felons, domestic abusers, and other people who caused some type of damage with malicious intent, are not? 

ASU Students Don’t Care Rittenhouse is Innocent 

Many students can be seen here at the rally spouting blatant smears and lies about Rittenhouse being a “white supremacist killer,” as well as holding up signs calling for “death 2 America.” Many of the students who are protesting against Rittenhosue attending ASU are part of a group called Students for Socialism. “I’m marching because killer Kyle should not be going to this campus,” one student, Farha, told Fox News. “That is White supremacy at its peak and it does not belong at ASU.” One of the radical left-wing student, freshman Zein Hajaig, admitted to the Associated Press that he doesn’t even care that Rittenhouse is “legally not a murderer. I don’t think anyone with a prior charge of those sorts would even be able to attend here. I think we all know it goes without saying he was there to intimidate and hurt people of color or people who are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement,” he said. Apparently, Hajaig believes that anyone who’s ever been charged with a crime, even if the charge was created in error, should be barred from studying at colleges and universities. So what about teenagers who are charged with manslaughter or accidental death because of a mistake and get out at 18? Should they also not have a right to school, and better themselves? Should someone who has gone through traumatic events that resulted in loss of life not be allowed to contribute to society? If someone wants to get an education and to better themselves, why is it anyone’s business where they go? Especially if they have been found not guilty or served their time. 

ASU: Rittenhouse is not Currently Taking Classes 

ASU issued a statement right after the initial trial when Rittenhouse admitted to being enrolled in ASU during court testimony. “Kyle Rittenhouse has not gone through the admissions process with Arizona State University and is not enrolled in the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation. ASU can confirm that Mr. Rittenhouse enrolled as a non-degree seeking ASU Online student for the session that started Oct. 13, 2021, which allows students access to begin taking classes as they prepare to seek admission into a degree program at the university,” they said. Now, in a statement issued in the last week, the university revealed that Rittenhouse, by choice, is no longer enrolled in any online classes. “Kyle Rittenhouse has not gone through the ASU admissions process. Our records show that he is not currently enrolled in any classes at ASU,” the University said. So, this group of radical students, who seem to have an extreme dislike for America, have driven an individual, who was deemed innocent of wrongdoing, away from getting an education. Would they act this way if any given felon tried to attend their university? No, they wouldn’t. They are demonizing someone who went through a horrific event and found themselves in an impossible situation. The court deemed Rittenhouse not guilty… that is good enough for anyone else who has faced charges, been found not guilty, and attended university after. Why is it not good enough in this case?

Kyle Rittenhouse Bullied ASU

Rittenhouse Will Attempt to Attend ASU Next Year 

Not all students are against the idea of sharing university space with Rittenhouse. Dacy, another student, told Fox News she was marching with the conservative counter-protestors because she believes in a right to self-defense. “He’s an American who has committed no crime,” she said. “He contributes to society the way any other American contributes to society who is not imprisoned. We should have zero bias towards him whatsoever, of what school he goes to or where he wants to be educated at, because he was acquitted,” Dacy continued. “He has not committed any crimes, so he is free to go where he wants to go.” Nick, who carried a sign in support of Rittenhouse, said: “I would understand if there was more controversy, if there was no evidence of what happened that night, but there is clear evidence that he did defend himself, and the fact that we have opposition just proves the fact that they didn’t watch the trial or they just don’t love this country.” Spokesperson, Dave Hancock, confirmed to Fox News that Rittenhouse plans to attempt to attend ASU in the fall. “Amid his most recent semester, Kyle’s professors at Arizona State University recommended a compassionate withdrawal of his online classes. Now that the trial is behind him, Kyle is eager to enroll in more classes. He is hopeful that attending Arizona State in person will soon be an option,” Hancock said. There would be technically no rule to preclude him from reapplying. Rittenhouse said in recent interviews he is considering studying to be a lawyer or a nurse. But the radical socialist students claim “we won’t let him.”

Republican Matt Salmon, who is running for Arizona governor, slammed the protests as an “ongoing harassment campaign” of someone who was not convicted of a crime. In a statement, he also criticized university officials for not speaking out more. “It is time for the far-left to respect our judicial system, and it is time for administrators at ASU to stand up for the rule of law and protect their students from these thugs.” These students can’t possibly know the background of everyone at the school. There could be people attending their school who have been charged with similar crimes and found not guilty. The only reason these students have an issue with Kyle Rittenhouse is because his trial was made extremely public. They know the headlines but didn’t do actual research into the case. The court of law couldn’t find evidence of Rittenhouse being a murderer, yet left-wing students ignore that fact. Why are these students allowed to harass and bully a fellow student into dropping out of school? 

Written by: Erinn Malloy

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