John is hosting an Eat Beef Event on Saturday, March 20, starting at 1200 hours (12:00PM). He’ll start out the day with 25 of his own delicious beef, but needs all of you to bring enough hamburger(made into patties) & buns to feed all in your party to keep the beef line running smoothly. If you prefer, our own Johnstown business woman, Korry, will have her own hamburger (aged 3 weeks!), on site, for sale. Party goers need to provide their own plates & tableware. Water will be provided. John’s event is in honor of our honorable (jerkoff) governor of Colorado.

John’s list of speakers: 

1. Chuck Sylvester, 3rd generation rancher and former general manager of the National Western Stock Show (1978-2003)

2. Weld County Commissioner Perry Buck

3. Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine

4. Hoping for Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams

5. Former Senator Bob Schaffer

There’s enough parking for approximately 2000 vehicles. 2 porta potties will be provided. There will be security on site (not that we Weld County citizens need it). John’s setting up a basketball hoop….bring the ball.

Address of Event: 7557 WELD COUNTY ROAD 100, WELLINGTON, CO 80549 which is 4 miles east of Wellington, 7 miles west of Nunn, north side of the road.

If you will come, he will barbecue.  And he has no objection to grilling your veggie burger! Just don’t tell us what we can or cannot eat, Mr. Polis!

In case you have any question for John, here’s his contact information:

John F. Maulsby, DVM                        

[email protected]