Montrose County Wildlife kangaroo

An animal control officer in Montrose County, Colorado ended up in a slow-speed chase when he was called to capture a wallaby. The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office said Animal Control Sgt. Chuck Searcy responded Thursday, July 9, 2021 to a call from a member of the public, who initially misidentified the wallaby as a kangaroo, hopping loose on Jay Jay Road.

Searcy, who was joined at the scene by the caller and a Colorado State Patrol trooper, said he ended up chasing the Australian marsupial for about 45 minutes. “I just looked for anything hoppy down the road,” Searcy said Friday morning, although at the time he wasn’t entirely certain what a wallaby looked like. The caller was on hand when Searcy arrived, and pointed out the straying marsupial. Plus, he showed Searcy a picture “to make sure I knew they weren’t crazy.” 

The callers said they were convinced the responding officer believed he had, “showed up to a drug call. I don’t blame him. I showed him the pictures we took, still a bit apprehensive he began to look around with us. Then, [the] State Patrol shows up, also anticipating some heavy drug activity. We take a walk around the shop and they finally spot Kangaroo Jack, now they’re both believers.” “It ran down right when it got to the driveway, took a left turn, and headed home,” Searcy told the Montrose Daily Press. The wallaby was released back into the custody of its owner. “It sounds like it sticks around the house quite a bit. It’s a well-taken care of and loved animal,” Searcy said.

That sounds like a hopping good time. How would you react to Wally Wallaby hooping through your yard?

Written by: Erinn Malloy

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