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Join Jay Dee the Colorado Deplorable as he does battle in the D.C. Swamp, exposing the lies and propaganda of politicians, bureaucrats, the media and big tech.

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This is a replay from Friday.

Caryn Ann Harlos became a Libertarian in 2014 during a fortuitous visit to LP.org while reading the Party’s Platform and its Statement of Principles.  Since that time, she has risen to prominence through a nearly endless stream of exuberance and work ethic.  Amongst other positions she has served as the Communications Director and Secretary for the Libertarian Party of Colorado, Region 1 Representative for the Libertarian National Committee (representing nine western states), Libertarian Party Historical Preservation Committee Chair, and Chair of the National Platform Committee for the 2018 and 2020 conventions.  Her particular interest is in Party history and its Statement of Principles and has been a featured speaker on those topics across the country.  In 2018, she was elected as the Party Secretary on a platform of transparency, accountability, and accessibility, and was wrongfully suspended in 2021 in retaliation for calling out corruption and lack of backbone in the LP leadership to face down the COVID regime.

Administrative Static is an irreverent legal affairs podcast that exposes the unlawful side of administrative power. Hosts Mark Chenoweth and John Vecchione will decry federal and state agency abuses, trot out legal arguments, grill expert guests, and bandy about the latest cases and controversies. 

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The Funky Garage Fossil Jostle is a music show featuring 60’s garage rock, psychedelic, surf and 60’s & 70’s funky grooves. While most of the focus is on lesser known and forgotten gems, it also includes unexpected covers and ever cool classics. Put on your dancing shoes, and shake it until you can’t take it!

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Joe Jaquint host one of the longest running financial radio programs in the country delivering economics with attitude with news to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.

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This hour-long broadcast deals with some everyday experiences of the hosts as well as open discussions of the challenges of living as a conservative in an increasingly anything goes world.  Topics cove the full range of daily events as they unfold around us, as well as urban survival topics from education to family planning.  In these times of unprecedented change and challenge we hope to shed insight and wisdom to what often seems to be only chaos.

Occasionally we will have businesses on that are integral to the fabric of northern Colorado and communities around us. When time permits listeners are encouraged to call and provide input to our discussions.

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The Taheebo Tea Club is a labor of love, life, and health! Our pure pau d’arco taheebo bark to make taheebo tea is available in our “On-Line Store” which is located near the upper left side of this web page. If you’re not certain whether your online order was successful, just call (818) 610-8088.

In the pursuit of God…
we lift up our souls unto Him:
So that we might be filled with the knowledge of His will, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding…
that He would cause us to know the way wherein we should walk…
that we might walk worthy of Him,
unto all pleasing,
being fruitful in every good work,
and increasing in the knowledge of God.

In this age of rapidly accelerating technology the threat to our liberties is a very real and present danger. Alex Jones is a unique voice that sifts through the information and exposes the underlying intentions.