The independent media has overthrown the established MSM doctrine. JustInformed Talk aims to inform and enlighten the audience by publicly airing his opinion for the community at large to create a forum for a positive discussion. Just Informed Talk will opine the rhetoric necessary to counter the mass media’s artificial narrative through sarcasm, tactile humor, and incredible wit. JustInformed Talk is meant to be a political satire and an opinionated editorial review from a Christian Evangelist perspective. Hope you enjoy!

Hosted by Craig James




With Rick Rodriguez

Naturally Inspired Radio Show Features The Latest In Health News, Articles And Tips For Healthy Living.  Promoting Natural Health Solutions And Strategies For A Healthy Lifestyle.  

Learn From Our Special Guests Like Dr Peter McCullough, David Icke, Cathy O’Brien And Many More…Bringing Information On The Cutting Edge Of Health And Freedom.  

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Join Jay Dee the Colorado Deplorable as he does battle in the D.C. Swamp, exposing the lies and propaganda of politicians, bureaucrats, the media and big tech.

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Administrative Static is an irreverent legal affairs podcast that exposes the unlawful side of administrative power. Hosts Mark Chenoweth and John Vecchione will decry federal and state agency abuses, trot out legal arguments, grill expert guests, and bandy about the latest cases and controversies. 

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This hour-long broadcast deals with some everyday experiences of the hosts as well as open discussions of the challenges of living as a conservative in an increasingly anything goes world.  Topics cove the full range of daily events as they unfold around us, as well as urban survival topics from education to family planning.  In these times of unprecedented change and challenge we hope to shed insight and wisdom to what often seems to be only chaos.

Occasionally we will have businesses on that are integral to the fabric of northern Colorado and communities around us. When time permits listeners are encouraged to call and provide input to our discussions.

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The Taheebo Tea Club is a labor of love, life, and health! Our pure pau d’arco taheebo bark to make taheebo tea is available in our “On-Line Store” which is located near the upper left side of this web page. If you’re not certain whether your online order was successful, just call (818) 610-8088.

In this age of rapidly accelerating technology the threat to our liberties is a very real and present danger. Alex Jones is a unique voice that sifts through the information and exposes the underlying intentions.