You have probably seen a few of these in your community, although they are very small, they are continuing to make a big difference in many people’s lives. 

An Open Door

Just recently, tiny homes have become a way to combat homelessness across the Country. The basic tiny home is 64 square feet. It features a bed, an air conditioner, clothing racks, and a door that locks.

Helping Hands

Currently, in Hollywood, California, The Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village currently provides transitional housing in tiny homes to help combat homelessness. Tiny home villages like The Chandler help the homeless by placing them inside of protected fenced off communities as they try to get back on their feet again. At Chandler, case workers can offer residents much needed help for anything ranging from drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and mental health issues. They also assist residents in navigating the complexities of job applications, health insurance, and more.

Rules and Regulations

Even though the name sounds good, The Chandler along with most tiny home communities focused on helping the homeless have rules. The top of the list is No weapons, or drugs allowed on campus, and paraphernalia must be checked at a locker outside.

Other Help

Hope Of The Valley, another tiny home community says that residents are allowed to live in their homes for free and can stay, as long as they are on a pathway to permanent housing, which usually takes three to six months.

Growing Trend

In the city of Los Angeles, there are currently more than 41,000 homeless people according to the last count by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

Counting The Cost

A company located in Everett, Washington called Pallet, which builds tiny homes for homelessness and temporary housing also but homes for The Chandler Village. The company estimates the cost of each tiny home to be $5,495. Pallet reports that it has helped build 44 tiny home communities most of which are located on the West Coast, with 13 more projects in the works.

Hope Of The Valley plans to house more than 900 people by November.

Bright Futures

Even though these tiny home communities are in existence today through the creative thinking and brilliant minds of many people of all walks of life coming together to share their gifts and talents with everyone around them, these tiny homes are truly making a big difference, one person at a time.

Written by: Gary Taylor

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