The Sisneros Family

On the morning of January 12, 1979 the lives of a Colorado Springs family were changed forever. Yvonne Elaine Sisneros and her two children, Carlos Ray and Benjamin Lawrence, were brutally murdered in their home. Yvonne was three months Pregnant at the time of her death. Carlos was four and Benjamin was two. The children were found in the two bedrooms of the home, Yvonne was found in the bathroom. This happened while their husband and father, Ben Sisneros, worked at Butts Army Airfield as an Army Air Traffic Controller. At first investigators believed Ben was their prime suspect. Was the five minutes between Ben arriving home and calling 911 enough time to kill his family? Famous investigator Joe Kenda was assigned to the case and said the scene “took your breath away emotionally.” How could someone be such a monster to a woman and her innocent children? The father of two says he came home and found his front door unlocked and his family dead but there were no signs of forced entry or struggle. Did Yvonne know her killer and let him in?  An anonymous tip led investigators to a 28 year old home improvement worker. Could he have been responsible? Will the culprit ever be convicted? Find out why this case remains unsolved by listening to Momma Kirby’s Murder Mysteries. 

The Sisneros Family Murder

Yvonne was everyone’s favorite server at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor and a graduate of Pueblo Central Highschool. The family lived on the floor above their babysitter, who stopped by that morning wondering why the boys had not been dropped off as usual. She said she heard banging in the apartment but n  one answered the door. Did she hear the crime occurring, could she also have been in danger during those moments she was knocking? This was essentially a small town family who was targeted for a horrible random act of violence. This crime remains unsolved but did the universe already catch up to the killer? If Ben didn’t do it, this was an act that looked as if it were at least partially planned. Someone who knew the family’s schedule and was close enough to the family it didn’t seem suspicious for them to be there. Evidence says Yvonne was alive before she went in the bathroom, what happened in there? How were they able to get so close to the family? 

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Written by: Erinn Malloy

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