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On June 15, the White House unveiled their new strategy to combat domestic terrorism. The Biden Administration claims this is the biggest threat to America, and they have mobilized the Department of Justice in order to address this issue. The document can be found here.

domestic terroism

This past year has been one of the most tumultuous in recent memory. The Covid pandemic has seen virtually unprecedented authoritarian actions committed in what should be the freest nation in the world. Governors have used executive authority to forcibly shut down small businesses across the country, destroying generations worth of hard work in the process. Lives have been ruined in the name of Science, the questioning of which is strictly forbidden by institutions that claim to have free speech and open dialogue built into their foundations. For the youngest among us, depression and suicide have seeped into the minds of many. All the while, millions took to the streets in the name of Social Justice, crying out against perceived injustices committed by the same government they seek to dominate. At the same time governors were telling small business owners they couldn’t open up, they were telling rioters to keep up the good fight. And to top it all off, the giants of Silicone Valley flexed their impressive muscles while swinging the ban-hammer at anyone brave, or dumb, enough to speak out against the narrative. Through all of this, the narrative must be maintained. On June 15, the White House released their new National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, and it should be setting off alarm bells for every American that claims to value liberty.

It seems that there is no end in sight when it comes to President Joe Biden’s administration and their efforts to re-stabilize the establishment that former President Donald Trump constantly sought to shake up. Their most recent attempt is the new National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, which President Biden had established with the goal of combating what he claims is the most prescient issue in America today: domestic terrorism.

Broadly speaking, the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism says nothing unremarkable. Basically, people do horrible things and sometimes these horrible things are a result of bad ideas spread online, and sometimes they just “develop their own idiosyncratic justifications for violence that defy ready categorization”. In other words, individuals do things because they want to. While it is not necessarily wrong to point out these attributes, the issue presents itself when you actually begin to analyze the document. What claims to be against “domestic terrorism” of all kinds actually has a very specific demographic in mind. Repeatedly, the document references specifically “White Supremacist” ideologies as being the main threat presented. Going even further, it becomes painfully obvious that the main target is political opposition.

biden domestic terrorism

For starters, every example of domestic terrorism the document uses as reference was committed by a white person. Well, except for one: the shooting of police officers in Dallas in 2016. The Pride shooting in Orlando, wherein 49 people had their lives stolen, the single biggest shooting in our nation’s history, was not mentioned. Neither was the recent Boulder incident, nor the shooting spree in Georgia that targeted Asians. Of course, none of these were committed by a white man, therefore it does not fit the narrative that the only evil facing us is White Supremacy.

Now, this should not be misconstrued as a defense of white supremacy, as the idea that one race is superior to another by dint of being that race is utter bullshit. However, there is a specific purpose for the targeting of white supremacists. It comes down to the manipulation of language. By specifically targeting white supremacy, it puts detractors on the back-foot because it comes off as a downplaying of evil. The reality is that this document makes no actual attempt to specify what qualifies as white supremacy beyond simply the racial aspect, yet is refers to mainstream conservative talking points as an aspect of the white supremacist groups. In fact, they place people that dislike the state in the same category as white supremacists. Granted, there is a slight nod to Antifa when the document also categorizes “small groups of informally aligned individuals” as domestic terrorist threats, but the overwhelming majority is aimed at basically anything right wing.

But wait, if conservatism isn’t white supremacist, why are conservatives freaking out? Because while it is true that nothing about conservatism is supremacist, the corporate media has established within the minds of many that conservatism is synonymous with white supremacy. Therefore, anything conservative is inherently white supremacist. The DoJ is making it very clear that they are going to go after “Internet-based communications platforms such as social media”. Logically, this means that the government will be enlisting the social media giants’ help. Here is when things really begin to feel like Minority Report.

These platforms have already established that they view anything remotely against the narrative as extremist. The examples coming from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter are abundantly clear: there is no more dialogue. These same companies will then be the ones working to create algorithms that help identify potential threats. What would end up being threatening? According to the Intelligence Community:

“Newer sociopolitical developments- such as narratives of fraud in the recent general election, the emboldening impact of the violent breach of the U.S. Capitol, conditions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, and conspiracy theories promoting violence.”

No mention of the year-long riots in the streets, nor the seizure of six city blocks in Seattle, nor the burning of police precincts with officers in them. Nope, just a series of conditions that are of particular importance to one side of the political spectrum. These are things that main-stream conservatives often bring up, yet bringing them up is meant to be an indicator of potential danger? This is why the document is so terrifying. It is a declaration of ideological war against political enemies bathed in a glow of justice and righteousness. Should this go unimpeded, it will give the government the authority and capability to target enemies of the administration, something only told of in spy-movies and USSR history books. Should we the people refuse to stand up, it will become a reality in our communities as well.

Written by: Kevin Lorusso

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