Google removed Former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign app from the Play Store. The app originally went up during the 2016 election. The app had apparently stopped working according to Google. Google did not specify what the faults were. The original purpose of the app was to provide campaign news, schedules and a place for donations.  The IOS version seems to still be up. According to TechCrunch  when you visit the main screens of the IOS version you are met with an error message but it does not affect your ability to browse past content. 

trumps app suspended

The Android version of the app has been suspended. Google told Insider “The Trump 2020 campaign app recently stopped working and we reached out to the developer multiple times in an attempt to get them to address the issue, people expect that apps downloaded from Google Play provide a minimum level of functionality and our policy is to remove non-working apps from the store if they are not fixed.” Many reviews before it was suspended said things such as  “will not open,” “the app doesn’t even work,” “absolutely terrible doesn’t even work,” and “wouldn’t open keep saying check connections.” One user implied the issues were Google’s fault, saying “worked great, until Google canceled it.” 

Google maintains the app has not been banned, only suspended for non-functionality, and can be reinstated when the developers update the app. It is unclear what the faults are exactly but according to Android Police when they tested the app, before and after its removal, it would get stuck at the loading screen with a spinning ”T.” The app had not been updated since October 30, 2020, says app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower. This could have been a key factor in the app no longer functioning correctly.

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