As the days of fall grow shorter and shorter, a great way to fill some extra time during the day is definitely a great way to give back, and by giving back, it’s ok great way to shine a spotlight on some true Heroes of America’s past. 

Write it down

Volunteer online writers are needed to help write about World War II soldiers. It’s a great platform for individuals to join nationwide. From the west coast to the east coast, you can sign up now to write about true heroes in your home town. The website to sign up is With more than 4,000 fallen heroes, there is definitely one that you can write about.

In The Beginning

The Stories Behind The Stars Project started in December of 2016, as the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor approached.

Memberships Included

By becoming a writer for Stories Behind The Stars, you will have free Access to Ancestry and Newspaper websites as well as other platforms to use for help in researching these heroes who sacrificed so much to give back to the country that they dearly loved.

Giving Back

If you have never served our country, becoming a writer/researcher with Stories Behind The Stars is a Great way to serve. Not only do you have an opportunity to serve others, but, you will have an opportunity to keep the memories of these heroes alive. 

Yes You Can

Anyone can volunteer to write for Stories Behind The Stars, whether you are a doctor, lawyer, sanitation worker, teacher, or a student in school, you can be a writer! It’s easy to do, you will receive free online tutorials, you can even attend an online zoom meeting and training session to help you make these stories come to life. 

As you research these true WWII heroes, and write down their stories. In your hearts and in the quietness of the breeze, you might even be able to hear the voices of these WWII heroes saying Thank You for allowing them to live on through the story that you wrote about them.

Written by: Gary Taylor

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