There is a fascinating subgroup of Americans that walk the line between being incredibly critical and dissuaded by the U.S. federal government and the money interests that dominate it, and yet proudly revere the stars and stripes. They wrestle the dichotomy between free-spirited rebellion and patriotism. They often cringe and protest at the excess’ the the United States Military industrial complex, and yet nobody supports the troops most vigilantly. Disproportionately they are veterans and members of law-enforcement themselves. They condemn racial prejudice, and the identity-group obsessed woke-scolds because they understand that to be a Patriot is the love all Americans and to judge them, with grace, by the contents of their character and by their individual actions.

They understand that Patriotism is not a love of the geography, it’s only partially a commitment to the ideals laid forth in the founding documents, and it is certainly not blind allegiance to the federal government and its subsidiary agencies. It is a love for the people, and a will the strengthen the country by investing in and maximizing the opportunities for all Americans, while attempting to maximize and preserve their individual freedoms. They resist ‘cancel culture’, not because they celebrate the the worst abuses of our freedom of speech and assembly, but because the answer to ugly speech is more speech, and they understand that ignorance and insensitivity is the default state of human beings. When speech is restricted and society is unforgiving we can’t grow and and well-intentioned government regulations are quickly and reliably weaponized by the powerful and well-connected.

They are fun-loving, unassuming, and hard working Americans who set aside their own problems everyday to show to work and make a genuine attempt to solve the problems of others in hopes of being compensated for serving the needs of others, to make a decent life for themselves and their families. All of the infrastructure around us decays and falls apart overtime without any effort, but is only rebuilt by deliberate, often pain-staking effort. So they don’t make excuses for people who live pathologically, they instead attempt to foster opportunities and incentives for people to develop themselves into useful people. They strive to live in a way that their fellow civilians, who have wives and children and diverse cultures and dreams, will appreciate sharing the community with them. These are the Patriots that we at 1360 KHNC strive to be, and strive to build an audience and a community with.

KHNC is not a Republican or Democrat affiliate. We have a loyalty to the freedoms purposed by the founding ideals, and reject authoritarianism and domination in all of its forms. We have our personal opinions, but a tolerance for the freedoms of others. We cover news and info you won’t hear anywhere else, current event commentary, breaks downs of the economic trends and strategies to protects your savings, lifestyle, and health and spiritual wellness. We are invested in supporting small business’, informing the people, building community, and strengthening our great nation.

Written by: Liberty Revolt

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