COVID-19 has been a major struggle for communities and businesses across the states, restrictions make it nearly impossible for small restaurant owners to operate at a successful rate. At the beginning of this pandemic, state governments took it upon themselves to enforce regulations on its economy which gave restaurant owners a devastating blow. Carrie Savage is the owner and operator of Grandpa’s Café located in Berthoud, Colorado, with a staff of over fifteen employees this small business is the sole source of income for many families and closing shop would leave bills unpaid and mouths unfed. 

Difficult Decision

wrongfully regulating business

Grandpa’s Café is a great place to swing by for a hearty meal and after work drink, that is until the Colorado State Government decided to pull the Liquor license due to uncomplying with state issued health regulations. Carrie Savage was pinned with the difficult decision to shut down business and render all her employees unemployed or stay open and try to maintain operation as usual. Carrie decided that it wasn’t an option to shut down and leave her workers without financial support. The business continued as usual and state health inspectors sited Grandpa’s Café for non-compliance, this meant Carrie’s liquor license would be suspended on spot.

State Government regulated business codes have made a huge impact on small businesses in the past year, many of which ended up closing indefinitely. Many Americans were left jobless at home trying to make ends meet with the change they had left from their last check. It wasn’t until the federal government stepped in to organize a plan to stabilize unemployed households, but by then it was already too late. State Unemployment benefits promoted a healthy check for a short period of time, but many business owners had already suffered a significant loss from business costs. Restaurant managers had to prepare for an anticipated reopening that government officials kept promising but never executed. This costs thousands of dollars in food and supplies that had to be discarded from expiration. 

Wrongfully Regulated Business: Mom and Pop Shops

Freedom of business is a huge requirement for sustaining a successful country. When restrictions are placed on businesses it’s not the large companies who suffer, it’s the small “Mom and Pop” shops that laid the foundation for the development of our country. Outsourced imports coming into our country has made a huge impact on the workforce of our nation. The cost of importing goods is way cheaper than it is to have the same goods made in the USA. Many facilities utilize this to their advantage to stop the possibility of violating the new conditions enacted on business. 

Small business owners are known to have a general care for their employees as opposed to big businesses that are too large to fail. Carrie Savage is one of those owners who will go above and beyond to ensure her workers are not struggling to make ends meet. The decision to stay open and maintain operating hours has made a huge issue for Carrie as now she faces legal action.  American small business owners have already suffered enough for this prolonged restricted economy, how much further should they have to go before they lose everything? “If I win, all small businesses win” Savage proclaims. The original government plan to restrict business was put in place to protect American people from health concerns, but now has become a democratic party scapegoat for their bipartisan plan to take full control of government. 

Carrie Savage is not the only American owner that is facing consequences from government actions. Many Americans alike have suffered from cutbacks and restricted work hours, not to mention the unpaid 2 weeks of leave that employees face every time they are believed to have symptoms. Business regulations are meant for the protection of employees and customers, these restrictions no longer become protective when they are being utilized as a plan for personal political party support. Freedom to operate in this pandemic is necessary to lower the chances of another depression. Government officials, predominantly from the Democrats, have already proven statistically they are not capable of protecting the American people both financially and physically. The numbers of Covid-19 victims have significantly risen even after the government has been wrongfully regulating business. 

Headed To Court

Carrie Savage has taken initiative to stop the restriction of business by going to court to protect not only her rights, but the rights of other business owners facing the same situation. “I am suing the state for my freedoms”. You can support Carrie and Grandpa’s Café by stopping by and purchasing one of their new daily specials that will be available from 7am-8pm Monday-Friday and will have separate purchasing costs. The takeout specials are as followed, take time to support small community business and the American tradition. Located at Grandpa’s Café call and orders can be placed at (970)-532-2254.


  • Grandpa’s Burger and Fries $9
  • Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Biscuit $8
  • Smothered Chorizo Breakfast Burrito $7

Grandpa’s Café Address:

903 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, Colorado 80513

Written by: Charlie Alvitre

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