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As the covid-19 vaccines continue to be distributed into the arms of adults nation wide, a new clinical trial is out for a covid-19 vaccine for children. Doctors say that the vaccine will lower the risk of children becoming sick from covid-19.

The Right Choice

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the Pfizer vaccine for youths ages 16 and under. The Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccine is for youths ages 18 and older. Pfizer just recently finished a clinical trial for kids ages 12-15 years old, and will soon begin the trials for younger ages. Moderna recently started looking at vaccinations for children ages 6 months to 11 years old, and another for ages 12-17. Johnson and Johnson plan on starting similar trials soon. Children have a lower risk of developing complications from covid-19. With some countries putting the brakes on administering the Astrazeneca vaccines due to reported blood clots, a lot of parents are concerned about their children receiving the vaccine.

Growing Concerns

When the original covid-19 vaccine trial began, children were not included in that group, because of the fact that their immune systems are different than the immune systems of adults. From an ethics viewpoint, it’s normal not to include kids in the vaccine trials because of the uncertainty of how their bodies will react, however, scientists have said that the vaccine for children 16 and over, the vaccine has been proven effective.

When it Begins

Starting in April, the vaccinations will expand to anyone age 16 and over. 

On The Run

With spring break and travel season upon us, how should families keep their young children who have not received the vaccine safe? The Center For Disease Control suggests that children continue to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, although some states are currently lifting their mandatory mask orders, children are also encouraged to wear child sized masks, since the 6 foot social distancing rules no longer apply to our schools, a different 3 foot rule has been put into place. 

The Road Ahead

Although that due to religious beliefs, some people think that taking the vaccine would be putting faith in man instead of God. Also, others believe that requiring everyone to be vaccinated might be what christians say it the mark of the beast. The viewpoints of most Americans differ, and as movie theaters and concert venues are starting to reopen the Biden Administration is talking about issuing all Americans a vaccination card to show upon entering social events and large group gatherings. America’s doctors, scientists, and health experts say that Covid-19 will most likely be here to stay, however, they say that with the different vaccines available, it will definitely slow the spread and the transmission of the virus, through that, health experts say that the symptoms of the virus will become less intense. 

Written by: Gary Taylor

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